Our core technology is:

  • 1. 3D scanning

    BRAGi's Magic Mirror and Prometer accurately collects customer's facial data, and its independently developed intelligent AI algorithm adapts technology to provide customers with lifelike virtual try-on effects of eyewear frames, thus greatly improving the experience of custom glasses.

  • 2. Parametric design

    Designing the 36 key points of the frame with parameterized design ensures precise visual correction for the customer. The design also ensures stability, making the glasses securely worn on the face with excellent comfort.

  • 3. 3D printing technology

    BRAGi use the most advanced 3D printing technology to manufacture each custom frame. This technology can rapidly and accurately print complex 3D structures, ensuring that each eyewear frame has a high degree of customization and precision. 3D printing materials are safe and reliable, commonly used in the medical industry, and can be directly in contact with blood. At the same time, the material is lightweight, strong and buoyant.

  • High level of comfort

    Solution of customization of lenses and frame together, precise visual correction is achieved.

    All spectacle are combination of 104 facial recognition points and 36 parameterized frame designs.

  • Our product line is professional and diverse

    BRAGi 3D printed eyeglasses can meet the customization demands of children, teenagers, adults, and special needs. There are 11 series with 115 frame styles, providing specialized solutions for various demographics. In the very near future, BRAGi will launch a 3D printed custom sports eyeglasses series specifically designed for sports enthusiasts.

  • Industry first

    BRAGi 3D printed customized eyeglasses is combining three technologies - 3D scanning, 3D printing, and parameterized design - personalized glasses can be accurately printed based on each individual's facial features and visual needs, satisfying both professional visual effects and personal preferences. This is an innovative advancement in the eyewear industry, and it has been well-received and appreciated by consumers.

  • World-leading

    Covering the globe, with 2000 retail stores in Asia, Europe, and America, and a total of over 100,000 consumer as testimonials.

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